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These illustrations, by Harry French, are taken from the Household Edition of Hard Times, published by Chapman and Hall in London (D. Appleton and Co. in New York), in the 1870s. The weekly serial of Hard Times was not illustrated, nor was the first volume edition.

Untitled plate, depicting Mr. Gradgrind catching his children Louisa and Tom at the circus.

Untitled illustration, depicting Ringmaster Sleary and his daughter Josephine, in her costume as an equestrienne. This engraving illustrated the title page of the Household Edition.

The following illustration reproduces the cover of the Household Edition of Hard Times, which was published in a booklet with a green paper cover—similar to the print edition of Discovering Dickens. Indeed, this illustration will be used as the cover of all of the issues of Hard Times in this serialization.The publishing mark on the cover (D. Appleton and Co., New York) is different from that inside the book (Chapman and Hall, London).

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