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These illustrations, by Harry French, are taken from the Household Edition of Hard Times, published by Chapman and Hall in London (D. Appleton and Co. in New York), in the 1870s. The cover of the print edition reproduces that editionís paper cover. The weekly serial of Hard Times was not illustrated, nor was the first volume edition.

She stooped down on the grass at his side, and bent over him.

"Now, Thethilia, I donít athk to know any thecreth, but I thuppothe I may conthider thith to be Mith Thquire."

"Here was Louisa, on the night of the same day, watching the fire as in days of yore."

Aside from Chapman and Hall's Household Edition, there were few illustrated editions of Hard Times. However, the 1868 Library Edition included four drawings by Frederick Walker. This illustration, "Father and Son," originally accompanied that edition. (It is reproduced here by courtesy of Stanford Libraries from the collection Dickens Pictures by Contemporary Artists.)


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