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Great Expectations

Historical Context



<i>Great Expectations</i>

Notes on the Novel
• Maps and Illustrations
• Key to Allusions
• Glossary of Historical Things and Conditions

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Previously, in Great Expectations...

Last time, we saw Pip and Herbert in mutual confidence -- Pip confessed his love for Estella to Herbert, and Herbert confessed his engagement to a young woman named Clara (whom he must wait to marry until "looking about him" has yielded a dependable income). Herbert and Pip went to see Mr. Wopsle at the theatre, where they witnessed a travesty of Hamlet. And Pip received a letter from Estella saying that she would be coming to town; Pip was to conduct her from London to Richmond, where she was going to be introduced into society. Pip, in his anxiety to see Estella, went to the coach office several hours in advance of the time, and was persuaded by Wemmick -- who passed by on his way to Newgate -- to join him in his rounds. Pip was thus introduced to the inside of Newgate Prison -- and was back in plenty of time to meet Estella's coach.


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